Ei200MRF Radio Module for Carbon Monoxide Alarm

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The Ei200MRF Radio link module is designed for use with our Ei208W Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarm and allows for the interconnectivity of units in a system by the means of an radio frequency signal i.e. when one detector senses Carbon Monoxide (CO), the Ei200MRF module fitted to the CO Alarm will transmit a signal that will activate the sounders in all the other detectors linked on the system.

The Ei200MRF module is plugged into the rear of the base of the Ei208W Alarm. Radio frequency communication through this module eliminates the need to install long interconnect wires between all the alarms on different floors in different rooms.

General Features

  • 3V internal lithium battery (non-replaceable)
  • RF Range: A minimum of 100 metres in free space
  • RF Visual Indicator: Blue light flashes continuously for 0.5 to 3.5 seconds while
    transmitting RF signal
  • RF Frequency: 868.499MHz (1% duty cycle)
  • We recommend, for ease of installation and RF communication, that up to 12 RF devices can be installed in
    any one RF coded system.

Ei Electronics radio communication systems are very reliable and are tested to high standards. However, due to their low transmitting power and limited range (required by regulatory bodies) there are some limitations to be considered:

(i) Receivers may be blocked by radio signals occurring on or near their operating
frequencies, regardless of the House Coding.

(ii) Alarms with RadioLINK+ modules should be tested regularly, at least weekly. This is to determine whether there are sources of interference preventing communication, that the radio paths have not been disrupted by moving furniture or renovations, and if so, to give a warning of these and other faults.

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