STI 1100 Stopper II with Integral Sounder Flush Mount (Red)

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STI 1200 Stopper II  without Sounder Flush Mount (Red)

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STI 1100

The STI 1100 Stopper II is physically larger than the standard stopper. Constructed from tough polycarbonate, this protective cover is designed to protect manual call points or break glass units  from unauthorised interference, vandalism and accidental damage or activation.  When lifted to gain access its battery powered integral sounder emits a piercing 96dB (at 1 metre) and immediate attention is drawn to the area.

They are ideal for use in public areas or areas with high volumes of traffic such as apartment complexes, sports halls, community centres, schools, hospitals  and other such premises that may experience a high ratio of malacious or accidental damage.

General Features

  • Constructed from tough clear polycarbonate
  • For flush mount applications
  • Easy to install, can retrofit over existing device
  • Includes integral sounder, powered by a 9V PP3 battery (included)
  • Designed so there is no interference with the operation of the protected unit
  • Polycarbonate tested from -40°C to 49°C

Also available in surface mount  version (Product Number STI1130)

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