Agrippa Pillow Alarm

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Agrippa pillow alarm


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The Agrippa pillow alarm is a battery powered, wire-free unit with a pad attachment that simply goes under a pillow. It uses digital wire-free technology that listens for the unique sound of a specific smoke or fire alarm.

If the alarm sounds the pillow pad vibrates, high intensity LED lights flash and an LCD screen displays “FIRE”. As it is compact and portable it can be moved around from room to room as required.

Manufactured by Geofire, the Agrippa Pillow Alarm is ideal for use in domestic and residental care.

General Features

  • No installation
  • Portable device
  • Flashing white LED visual warning
  • Time display with alarm clock function
  • Uses standard AA batteries
  • Visual warning of low battery

Usually dispatched within 6 – 10 working days

See also the Geofire Zleepsafe Vibrating Pillow Alarm for commercial use


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