FireClass 701P Conventional Optical Detector

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The 701P Conventional smoke detector operates by sensing the optical scatter from smoke particles generated in a fire. The micro-processor inside the detector allows for threshold compensation, meaning the detector will adjust sensitivity levels to compensate for dust and dirt levels in the chamber, resulting in fewer unwanted alarms and an extended detector life.

General Features                                                              

  • Designed for fast, easy installation
  • Low operational voltage
  • Drop-in replacement for 600 series
  • Compatible with 4B, 4B-D, 5B and 5B-D bases
  • Low profile and discreet design
  • Approval to EN54, LPCB standards, including EN54-29
  • Microprocessor based threshold compensation
  • ​Improved detection algorithms

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Optical Smoke and Heat Enhanced 

Fixed Heat 60 degrees 

Rate of Rise 60 degrees 


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