6Vdc Power Supply

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CSA – 006



The CSA-006 Power Supply is a UL Listed power supply and can be used on any mains voltage supply between 110Vac and 240Vac. The CSA-006 has four pairs of output terminals and will provide a regulated 6Vdc output at 3 Amp maximum. This is sufficient to power up to 5 separate devices within a 30 metre range.

** This unit will need to be wired in by a qualified electrician See also CSA – SMPSU Plug In Power Supply

General Features

  • Input Voltage 110 to 240Vac
  • Output 6Vdc @ 3 Amp (max)
  • UL Approval

Also available CSA – POD COVID19 Voice Warning System,CSA – IR2 Infra Red Remote Controller

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