COVID 19 SpeechPOD Voice Warning System

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speechpod voice warning system


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You can now deliver Coronavirus COVID 19 health information and advice with our SpeechPOD Voice Warning System.

SpeechPOD is designed to provide voice messages in any indoor area and is ideal for use near infection control or hand sanitizing stations. The unit incorporates a PIR motion sensor and is fully programmable with the ability to play any audio file in any language. It can be used to remind staff and/or visitors to use hand gel, wash their hands or maintain social distancing for example.


General Features

  • Simple and cost effective method of delivering health information and advice
  • Can detect persons at a range of up to 6 metres
  • Up to 100 messages can be pre – programmed and selected either individually or sequentially where each message in the list is played in turn on each activation
  • Easy to programme. Simply record a file on any PC running Windows and “drag and drop” file to SD card.
  • Time delays between messages are selectable via the remote controller
  • 1 x Infra Red remote controller supplied
  • Hi resolution voice playback
  • Special “ cleaner mode” message for wet and slippery floor . After a preset time, SpeechPOD reverts to original settings without the need for manual intervention.
  • Requires 4 x AA alkaline batteries (not included). Will require connection to mains via a 6Vdc power supply for high traffic area’s (sold separately) or plug in power supply (sold seperately)
  • Especially useful for assisting the visually impaired

Also available CSA-006 6Vdc Power SupplyCSA – IR2 Infra Red Remote Controller, CSA – SMPSU Plug In Power Supply

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