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The HVR800 High Voltage Relay Interface is a non-addressable multi-voltage relay module (operating from 24V DC, 24V AC, 120V ac and 240V AC).

The encapsulated HVR800 provides a 10 amp volt-free contact that can be used to extend the contact ratings of FC410RIM Addressable Relay Module applications.

A maximum of four HVR800s can be individually driven and controlled by an FC410MIO Small Addressable Multi-Input/Output module if all HVR800s are powered by 120V ac or 240V AC. For ac operation, no external dc power supply unit is required to operate the relay. When used to switch 24V DC, the HVR800 must be provided with an external 24V DC supply which should be switched through the clean relay contacts of an FC410MIO or FC410RIM.

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